What we do...

Here's a list of our most requested services, along with a short description of what is included.  I know you will still have questions - so please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Remember:  A good design will always save you money in the long run.   We choose the right plants, ask the right questions to guide you in developing your dream, and provide the knowledge you need to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful and your patios, fire features, water features, and more, fully functional and gorgeous.

How may we help you?

E-Mail:  Susan@newsscapes.com                                                                                                                Phone: (414) 614-7778

New S-Scapes Landscape Designers, LLC

  • Landscape Design - providing a comprehensive, scale drawing to present to your contractor or use as a blueprint for your DIY landscape project.  Includes complete plant list(s) and product selection recommendations for any hard-scape or garden decor project.
  • Garden Design - for the smaller scale or theme garden project.  Includes comprehensive scale drawing, plant list and product recommendations as needed.
  • The "Walkabout" - a consultation service at your home or business.  We "walk-about" your property together and I provide instruction, ideas and recommendations.  You take the notes.  This is a great way to get started, or to get design help for a lower budget.
  • Landscape installation/Project maangement- on-site with our contractors or yours.
  • Plantselection and/or location services - we carefully select plants during the design process so they are not only the right plant for the location and situation , but so they are readily available.  Sometimes, we know you just have to have something unusual.  We can help find and procure unusual plants for your enjoyment at a reasonable cost to you.
  • DIY Guidance - for those who want to dig in and get it done.  Sometimes you just need a little guidance.  Any question we can answer over the phone is free of charge.  If you need a visit - then the "walkabout" fee schedule applies.